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Jimi May not be from Texas, but he played here and its his birthday!

I know Jimi Hendrix is not from Texas, but he played here several times and besides today is his birthday.  I remember reading a quote that some people might take as a put down on God, but it was just a way of emphasizing how special Texas and its music synergy is.  I think the quote went something like this, "Proof that there is no real god is the fact that Jimi Hendrix isn't from Texas".  Now that is certainly a touchy statement and I certainly do not mean to offend anyone, but it crossed my mind when I was thinking about it being Jimi Hendrix's birthday today.  I think he would have been 68, but I will let you check on that.  


Rolling Stone magazine just recently anointed him as the best guitarist ever, which is cool, but being a guitarist and a music lover as well, I know there are so many different things that certain guitarists can do and others cannot even if they may be an exceptional guitarist.  Rating guitarists is like the old saying of comparing apples to oranges.  Each may be the greatest in their own way so it is hard to say which is the best. It just shows you how music is really art and each piece is unique, different and has a self expression of its own.  Jimi is definitely on the top 10 in my list which changes every time I dig up some old records or find a new guitarist.  So I will agree to say he is one of the best guitarists ever!

I almost got see Jimi Hendrix when I was a kid in the 4th grade.  We were actually going to see the Monkees and it seems Jimi Hendrix was the opening act.  Prior to the show I was to attend, Jimi's performance did not mix well with the parents who were taking their children (my age around 10) to a show.  Jimi would get out there to start things off with his wild guitar playing and his drug laced lyrics and just flip these parents out!  There was so much bad feedback(like the pun) that they cancelled part of the tour until they could find a replacement act.  Well guess what? The show they cancelled was one of the show dates we had tickets for and I was really mad I missed the Monkees However I never realized who I REALLY missed until later when I was in high school.   I wish I still had the ticket to look at and think about the time I missed seeing Jimi and the Monkees.   You know that had to have been an unusual show and it must have been awesome watching all of the parents freak out on Jimi.


Well, I may not have seen him perform live, but I did get to grow up on his incredible music while he was still alive and when he was gone.  What a wonderful trip it was!


Happy Birthday Jimi, I hope you and Stevie are doing a birthday jam together to celebrate!



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